The System: The Dating Dictionary By Doc Love

Because many of the things you asked for help with are covered in my book and my weekly columns since January, 2000. Just keep coming back; keep reading and I’ll take good care of you. I just appreciate your work so much that I want to hear more. All my friends have your books because I told them to buy them and they’re helping them out A LOT. You are the master of dating, and helping guys reach their goals. You’ve been through it all and I want you to give us even more guidance, because this is very valuable material. The reason I’m writing to you is because I have an idea I think you should consider.

It’s pretty sad how right you ALWAYS ARE…except in bizarre cases that you can’t possibly cover. I’ve come to the conclusion that some people “get” you and some don’t. I understand the concept of Challenge and you’ve helped me with many specifics. Bottom Line Factor – Only her actions truly reflect her feelings and attitude towards you.

Feel free to contact me at any issues. Are you having a problem logging in? No social networks or instant messaging. Be honest and closed with personal information. Move very slow, stop, backup, this raises interest level. Control (Discipline, Patience, Self-Control) – Patience is the key to women.

Love – The System (Dating Dictionary)

Once she is your girlfriend then you can see her up to 3 times per week. Gentleman to talk about other women on such a personal basis? ” – then follow in a high pitched feminine bitchy-tone, “After all, it is a small world? ” If she is structured, and/or has low Interest Level, she will blow a cork! If she is flexible and has high Interest Level, she will respect your wishes, laugh, and say to yourself, “I’ll get it out of him later! The key is, to control the interview by letting her do the majority of the talking.

Let’s talk about love in a humorous and controversial manner – this is the key to ratings. Can you imagine a love doctor who says he is the first man in 6000 years to understand women who has a good sense of humor? He would give Rush and Howard a run for their money. It is ironic that I don’t sign in get hired because program directors all say they want something new, fresh, and controversial – oh yeah, I almost forgot – they all hate money. The key is, Doc Love knows women want to fall in love; and not nag, gain weight, butcher their hair, scream, play games, confuse or reject you.


In fact, he stops ten feet short of the door. Now she knows you are not trying to get in. Go for the kiss only if you are unsure of her Interest Level, no touching, and put a grade on it. Hopefully, she will tear your tongue out of your head! If you are sure she has high IL, do not kiss her.

You call at 6,7,8,9 p.m., and no answer. You do it Monday, Tusday, Wednesday, and get that same silly message. You have a control freak or screener on your hands. Why does she hand out her number to so many guys that she doesn’t want to talk to or date? She’s a female variation of lonely boy! Leave your name, number, and “give me a call” the following Monday, and above all, don’t tell her it’s the 22nd time you have called remember, Challenge.

Remember, in the first 60 days the foundation is set and the rules are laid out. Seven guys will call Caprice on Monday. They will ask her out for what nights? Friday or Saturday predictable – no Challenge.

The book is not aimed to improve a man’s game or playing women, instead it gives tips for men to understand womaneze, the language of women to understand them better. MARRIAGE When the man says, “ I do,” it is the happiest day of her life – Al Bundy. If the odds of her divorcing you are 50 %, and she could take 200 acres; how many acres does your ranch have to have on your wedding day – Uncle Jethro Love ?

I hope this isn’t too heavy for you. Assuming she is not a Professional Dater (40 to 49% IL), her Interest Level will probably be in the 65 to 70% range. Now Tom’s only job is to raise it (Love starts at 90% Interest Level). If Caprice asks for Tom’s phone number, he will give it to her, only after he gets her home phone number.

Women marry up and mercenaries marry way, way up – Sal “The Fish” Love. Squaw who marry for many ponies makim’ bad wife – Shoeshine proverb. For example, recently in an article on you mentioned that “sitting in the car” is very bad when you’re on a date. I can attest from an experience I had some weeks before I read that article that you were 100% accurate! Staying in the car too long was a disaster and messed up a potential relationship. This is the kind of thing I mean, Doc.

He is a FBI agent who is in charge of Martin in the witness protection program. Due to the amount of time they spent together, Rick changes a lot of his views about life and especially women. Martin shows him what “real” self-esteem is all about. The key is, she has to know where “the line is drawn in the sand,” without you telling her. The “experts” call it self – esteem, or “How much do you love yourself? ” Doc Love calls it, “How much are you going to let her get away with?