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  • Sometimes, Sobriety Sucks Sober Living in Los Angeles

    Content Yelawolf admits he’s an alcoholic on ESPN: ‘Sobriety sucks’ When Sobriety Sucks Sobriety Sucks Get the Reddit app Lists This vice has become my saving grace lately. I hesitated for awhile because it still has a small amount of alcohol, but after doing research, I decided to give it a try. At less than […]

  • Signs You’re Dating a Functional Alcoholic And What To Do About It

    Content Are You A High-Functioning Alcoholic? Signs & Symptoms Risk Factors For Alcoholism Treatment Difference Between High Functioning Alcoholism and AUD SIGNS OF HIGH-FUNCTIONING ALCOHOLISM What You Should Do If You’re Dating A Functional Alcoholic Chronic alcohol consumption often leads to mental health problems such as depression or other health issues such as high blood […]