16-Year-Old Alana Thompson Posts Then Deletes Pic Confirming Relationship With 20-Year-Old!

Lauryn Efird, nicknamed “Pumpkin,” is June’s third oldest daughter, born on Jan. 7, 2000. Lauryn was raised to believe her biological father was Mark McDaniel. She’s very active on Instagram and often posts pictures of her weight loss http://www.hookupmentor.net/lonelywifehookup-review journey. During a 2020 interview with Hollywood Life, Jessica admitted to spending $80,895 on a full-body makeover. “We wanted to have a small and very intimate wedding, so we didn’t have any groomsmen or bridesmaids,” says Shannon.

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After being together for a solid six months, more details about the couple have started to surface this week, according to The Blast, who also noted that Honey Boo Boo’s family does not mind the four-year age gap. One month after turning 16, Alana made Dralin Instagram official in a photo wearing identical T-shirts while visiting a pumpkin patch. She let fans know he was her boyfriend by writing “bae” on the snapshot. Alana started dating Dralin Carswell in the beginning of 2021 when she was 15 years old.

The former “Toddlers & Tiaras” star referenced her boyfriend in her tell-all Teen Vogue profile, noting that he accompanied her to the set of the interview but declined to share his name. She did, however, sadly admit he’s one of her only friends because of her trust issues. Thompson also updated her relationship status and posted a selfie with Carswell on her private Facebook account and made it her cover photo. Carswell wrote “bae” with a heart emoji in the comments section of their photo. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Monday, Shannon shared one concern about her daughter’s boyfriend.

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Despite being long-time friends since younger youth, he finally falls for Draculaura in Volume 2 and she did likewise, but originally. In the TV series, Howleen is not depicted as the sister of Clawdeen and is a member of Monster High’s Werewolf Council alongside Romulus and Barkimedes. Elissabat (voiced by Karen Strassman[62]) is the Transylvanian-born daughter of a vampire, who was a childhood friend of Draculaura. She was supposed to become the next Vampire Queen, but found out that Lord Stoker (the vampire who chose her as the next queen) was planning to run the kingdom through her. So with the help of Robecca Steams’ father Hexiciah, she escaped to Hauntlywood (not without going to Londoom and New Gorleans first!) and becomes her alter-ego Veronica von Vamp, who is now a famous actress.

Mama June Shannon is defending her 16-year-old daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s relationship with a 20-year-old. The couple resides in Georgia, where the age of consent is 16. However, Honey Boo Boo swiftly deleted the post after being dragged for dating an older guy. The “Toddlers & Tiaras” alum, 16, was spotted holding hands with 20-year-old Carswell as they took an outdoor stroll near her home in McIntyre, Ga., on Tuesday.

However, as of the episode Creature Clash, she mentions her dad being Transylvanian (he has no accent though). In the reboot, Draculaura faces pressure to be an excellent student like her father and relatives. She also deals with her secret passion for witchcraft, a practice strictly forbidden in monster world and considered a “filthy human habit”. In the first franchise reboot film special; Welcome to Monster High, Draculaura originally lived with her father on a mansion on a hill overlooking Normie Town.

Mama June, who has gotten into a new relationship with Justin Stroud, moved to Georgia to be closer to her children. The 42-year-old had previously assured her daughters that things would be “different” this time around, but Pumpkin and Jessica don’t see it that way. “Your girl is back sorry for the photo dump that’s going to happen hahah I love y’all and I hope y’all hope y’all are having a good week #imback #2023 #tiktok.” Anna and her teenage sister appeared alongside their mother, Mama June Shannon, 43, on TLC’s 2019 series Toddlers & Tiaras.

She had a childhood filled with stardom, and with her alluring and charming personality, she has been everyone’s favorite. Nancy Zhāng is an Entertainment Blogger for All About The Tea. He’s just as fun and crazy as the rest of them,” the source added. A source spilled that Dralin, 20, attended a Nashville tech school before the Covid shutdowns, and now lives in Georgia, close to Alana and her legal guardian and sister, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon. At all,’ Alana said of her social life as the only famous student at her public high school. Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson is reportedly ‘attached at the hip’ with her boyfriend Dralin Carswell, who she began dating about six months ago.

In “Manny Taur’s SDCCI diary”, it is revealed Manny himself was bullied in middle school. After an encounter with Abbey, he changed his ways, although he stopped bullying people, he can be still gruff to others. His personality’s change helped him get into a relationship with Iris Clops.

Well, the couple lives in the state of Georgia, and the age of consent is 16. In other words, there are NO issues with the couple having a romantic relationship — legally. “[Alana] does have a little boyfriend who, like, comes over and stuff, like, he comes over for dinners and stuff, he’s very respectful,” the 22-year-old reality star said last year. Pumpkin, who is the legal guardian of her younger sister, is also supportive of the teen’s relationship with Carswell, telling ET in a previous interview that her younger sibling’s boyfriend is “respectful.” By then, the child star had been dating Dralin for six months, and according to sources, her sisters approved of the match. The preview clip followed The Sun breaking the news in August that the teen TV personality was dating a college student.

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Fans may not accept the relationship of Alana and Dralin, but in Georgia, where the couple resides, the age of majority is 16 years. The relationship also appears to be a positive change in Alana’s life, as she previously revealed that she had no friends before. Alana confirmed during an interview in August 2021 that she does not have many friends. She explained that her lack of friends is because she doesn’t trust anyone. Becoming a reality star at such an early age is also a great achievement in Alana career, she is still very young and has a lot to achieve may be in the future she will get an opportunity to win an award. This all started when Alana had first begun to post photos of her and Dralin on her private Facebook account, where her boyfriend commented “bae” with a heart emoji in the comment section of Alana’s photo.